There's no need to reinvent the wheel. The wheel has been invented already.
It has a lot going for it, but will it come out on top?
Digital gold is as useful as digital oil or digital pork bellies
"What did we learn? I don't know either. I guess we learned not to do it again."
Some people think it's "late stage capitalism". I think it's the same as before, only bigger.
Sometimes, not losing big is more important than winning.
This company operates in niche markets with high barriers to entry. It has a track record of steady growth and strong cash generation.
A company with enormous market share, excellent cash flow and a cheap valuation does exist. Ethical and regulatory concerns keep investors away.
Why I focus on the top 1%-2% of companiesListen now (23 min) | Elaborating on a crucial statistical fact: most companies fail to achieve anything for their investors.
But we won't give up on investing in them.
It was good enough for Warren Buffett then. Maybe it's good enough for us now?
Best of the Best was an accident waiting to happenListen now (18 min) | There are companies with moats and there are companies without moats. BOTB is the latter.